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Book reviews are to be returned to the Society within 6 weeks of collection. If you would like to review any of the books please contact Wendy Nelson at the Law Society by email .  Please provide the review in word format and 350-400 words.  The review is forwarded to the publisher and may also be printed in the Society journal The Law Letter.  Titles in the first list are available in the office, titles on the second list will be ordered from LexisNexis and may take a couple of weeks to arrive.


New Titles are now added to the top of each list.


Book Title


No of Pages

Price rrp Publisher
Ong on Rectification Denis SK Ong 192 $130.00 The Federation Press
Tensions & Traumas in Health Law Ian Freckelton & Kerry Petersen (eds.) 832 $145.00 The Federation Press
The Place of Practice:  Lawyering in Rural & Regional Australia Mundy, Kennedy & Nielsen (eds.) 352 $89.95 The Federation Press
Public Law and Statutory Interpretation Crawford, Boughey, Castan & O’Sullivan 352 $110.00 The Federation Press
Advocacy and Judging: Selected Papers of Murray Gleeson Hugh Dillon (ed.) 540 $160.00 The Federation Press
Regulation in Australia Arie Freiberg 656 $95.00 The Federation Press
Leading Case in Contract Law Daniel Reynolds & Lyndon Goddard 240 $79.95 The Federation Press
The Campaign Against the Courts: A History of the Judicial Activism Debate Tanya Josev 256 $49.95 The Federation Press
Health and Safety in Victoria, 4th ed. Breen Creighton & Peter Rozen 544 $150.00 The Federation Press
A Charter of Rights for Australia, 4th ed. George Williams AO & Daniel Reynolds 232 $34.99 UNSW Press
Australian Charters of Rights A Decade On Matthew Groves & Colin Campbell (eds.) 234 $165.00 The Federation Press
A History of Australian Legal Education David Barker 288 $59.95 The Federation Press
The Rule of Law and the Australian Constitution Lisa Burton Crawford 304 $165.00 The Federation Press
Tales from a Palm Court Ronnie Knox-Mawer E-book $8.99 BakerSteele Publishing
The Varieties of Restitution, 2nd ed. Ian Jackman 226 $150.00 The Federation Press
Entertainment Law Des Butler & Geoff Holland (eds.) 272 $89.95 The Federation Press
The Principle of Legality in Australia & New Zealand Dan Meagher & Matthew Groves (eds.) 304 $165.00 The Federation Press
Law and Poverty in Australia: 40 Years after the Poverty Commission A Durback, B Edgeworth & V Sentas (eds.) 320 $89.95 The Federation Press
Administrative Law Context and Critique, 4th ed. Michael Head 384 $70.00 The Federation Press
I Like A Clamour: John Walpole Willis, Colonial Judge, Reconsidered Max Bonnell 304 $89.95 The Federation Press
Treaty and Statehood.  Aboriginal Self-determination Michael Mansell 320 $59.95 The Federation Press
Modern Criminal Law of Australia, 2nd ed. (Ebook for review) Jeremy Gans Cambridge University Press
Finn’s Law – An Australian Justice Tim Bonyhady (ed.) 264 $125.00 The Federation Press
Indigenous Australian, Social Justice & Legal Reform.  Honouring Elliott Johnston Esmaeili, Worby & Tur 336 $84.95 The Federation Press
The Critical Judgments Project.  Re-reading Monis v The Queen Gabrielle Appleby & Rosalind Dixon (eds.) 272 $79.95 The Federation Press
Ong on Contribution Denis SK Ong 192 $125.00 The Federation Press
From Dialogue to Disagreement in Comparative Rights Constitutionalism Scott Stephenson 272 $99.00 The Federation Press
Migrant Labour Law Giovanni Di Lieto 240 $99.00 The Federation Press
Industrial Relations Reform,  Looking to the Future.  Essays in honour of Joe Isaac AO Hancock & Lansbury(eds.) 240 $59.95 The Federation Press
Innovation and Venture Capital Law and Policy Barkoczy, Wilkinson, Monotti & Davison 672 $135.00 The Federation Press
Evatt:  A Life John Murphy $49.00 New South Wales Books
The Tim Carmody Affair: Australia’s Greatest Judicial Crisis Ananian-Welsh, Appleby & Lynch $29.99 New South Wales Books

New Titles from LexisNexis


Book Title Publication Date
Tyree, Alan Banking Law in Australia, 9th ed. 2017
Mills & Ebejer Focus: Family Law, 7th ed. 2017
Madden, McIllwraith & Madden Australian Medical Liability, 2nd ed. 2017
Naughton, Richard The Shaping of Labour Law Leg – Underlying Elements of Australia’s Workplace Relations System 2017
Colvin, Eric Criminal Law of Fiji 2017
Newton & Conolly Land Acquisition, 7th ed. 2017
George, Patrick Defamation Law in Australia, 3rd ed. 2017
Seddon & Bigwood Cheshire & Fifoot Law of Contract, 11th ed. (50th Anniversary ed.) 2017
Gray, Foster, Dorsett & Roberts Property Law in New South Wales, 4th ed. 2017
Creyke, Hamer, O’Mara, Smith & Taylor Laying Down the Law, 10th ed. 2017
Hepburn, S Australian Property Law Cases & Materials, 4th ed. 2017
Gerkens, Fernandez, Yau, Ozyurek & Kenny Australian Immigration Companion, 7th ed. 2017
Stewart, van Caenegam, Bannister, Lawson & Liberman Intellectual Property in Australia, 6th ed. 2017
Radan, Gooley & Vickovich Principles of Australian Contract Law, 4th ed. 2017
Miller, Michael Personal Financial Services Essentials for Lawyers 2017
Crofts, Penny Criminal Law Elements, 6th ed. 2017
Bruce, Alex Animal Law in Australia, 2nd ed. 2017
Radan, Gooley & Vickovich Principles of Australian Contract Law, Cases & Materials, 4th ed. 2017
Martin, Rhett Understanding Sustainability Law 2017
Hanks, Gordon & Hill Constitutional Law in Australia, 4th ed (L) & (H) 2017
Pynt, Greg Australian Insurance Law: A First Reference, 4th ed. 2017
Van der Waarden, Natalie Employment Law: Concepts and Cases, 4th ed. 2017
Legg & McInnes Australian Annotated Class Actions Legislation 2017
Williams, Anderson, Marychurch & Roy Uniform Evidence in Australia, 2nd ed. 2017
Barker & Grantham Unjust Enrichment, 2nd ed. 2017
Butt, Peter Legal Usage: A Modern Style Guide 2017
Field Queensland Evidence Law, 4th ed. 2017
Ligertwood & Edmond Australian Evidence , A Principled Approach, 6th ed 2017
Luntz, et al Torts Cases and Commentary 2017
Baxt, Black & Hanrahan Securities & Financial Services Law, 9th ed. December 2016
Fernandez, Murray, Gerkens, Yau & Ozyurek Australian Migration Legislation Collection December 2016
Howie & Johnson LNAA Annotated Criminal Legislation NSW December 2016
Gamertrsfelder Governance & Conduct Obligations in Financial Services December 2016
Stoianoff Indigenous Knowledge Forum – Comparative Systems for Recognising and Protecting Indigenous Knowledge & Culture December 2016
Martinov-Bennie, Soh & Frohbus Auditing & Assurance: A Cases Studies Approach, 7th ed. December 2016
Corbett-Jarvis & Grigg Effective Legal Writing: A Practical Guide, 2nd ed. December 2016
Taylor, Griffin, Cull, Seymour, Colley & Monahan Financial Planning in Australia 2017 Essentials Edition December 2016
Taylor, Walpole, Burton, Ciro & Murray Understanding Taxation Law 2017 December 2016
Fairall & Barrett Criminal Defences in Australia, 5th ed. December 2016
Caruso, Buth, Heath, et al South Australian Criminal Law and Procedure, 2nd ed. October-November 2016
Meagher, Simpson, Stellios & Wheeler Hanks Australian Constitutional Law Materials & Commentary, 10th ed. October-November 2016
Douglas, Mullins & Grant LNAA: Annotated Civil Liability Legislation Queensland, 4th ed. October-November 2016
Aust Pro Bono Centre Pro Bono Partnership & Models – A Practical Guide to What Works, 2nd ed. October-November 2016
Lindgren, Cremean & Cujes LNAA: Annotated Federal Court Legislation & Rules, 2nd ed. October-November 2016
Young, Kenny & Monahan Children and the Law in Australia, 2nd ed. October-November 2016
Giancaspro & Langos Understanding Contract Law A Practical Guide October-November 2016
Richardson Australia’s Constitutional Government October-November 2016
Legg Resolving Civil Disputes October-November 2016
Katter, Gordon & Andersen Civil Procedure in Papua New Guinea: National Court of Justice October-November 2016
Anderson, Dickfos, Nehme, Hyland & Dahdal Corporations Law, 5th ed. October-November 2016
Gooley & Gooley Insolvent Trading and Fraudulent Trading in Australia: Regulation & Context October-November 2016
Sweeney, O’Reilly & Coleman Law in Commerce, 6th ed. October-November 2016
Cameron-Dow LexisNexis Questions and Answers Property Law, 3rd ed. October-November 2016
Fitzpatrick, Symes, Veljanovski & Parker Business and Corporations Law, 3rd ed. October-November 2016
Boulle & Field Australian Dispute Resolution: Law and Practice October-November 2016
Graw, Parker, Whitford, Sangkuhl & Do Understanding Business Law, 8th ed. October-November 2016
Walmsley The Trials of Justice Murphy October-November 2016
Eburn, Howie, Sattler & Hood Hayes & Eburn Criminal Law & Procedure in NSW, 5th ed. August-September 2016
Sangkuhl & Buttigieg LN Questions & Answers Taxation Law August-September 2016
Stickley Australian Torts Law, 4th ed. August-September 2016
Yin & Desierto Legal Problem Solving & Syllogistic Analysis: A Guide for Foundation Law Students August-September 2016
Hall Principles of International Law, 5th ed. August-September 2016
Traves Commercial Law, 4th ed. August-September 2016

Book reviews are to be returned to the Society within 6 weeks. If you would like to review any of the books please contact Wendy Nelson at the Law Society by email