Law Council of Australia – Business Law Section Scholarship Program

Opening of the Business Law Section of the Law Council of Australia’s Scholarships for 2016. Each year the Business Law Section offers three scholarships of $5000 to the writer of the best paper in fields of Competition, Corporations and Taxation Law. The writers must be ‘early career’ legal professionals with less than four years of professional experience in the legal field of their paper. In the past winners have come from across academia, business and the government sector.

The Business Law Section of the Law Council of Australia (BLS) is offering three scholarships to early career lawyers in 2016.

The scholarships are:

  • The Forsyth/Pose Scholarship – for topics in taxation law
  • The Santow Scholarship – for topics in corporations law
  • The Gaire Blunt Scholarship – for topics in competition law

Each scholarship commemorates former members of the BLS who made outstanding contributions to their field. The scholarships are awarded for an unpublished paper of no more than 10,000 words on a topic of relevance to the field of the chosen scholarship. One award is offered under each scholarship to the value of $5000.00. Applications will close on 31 July 2016. To be eligible applicants should have not more than four years’ professional experience in the relevant field. Alternatively, details regarding the scholarships can be obtained from the BLS’ website:


Further details

Santow Scholarship 2016

Gaire Blunt Scholarship 2016

Forsyth Pose Scholarship 2016


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