TasWater Easement Precedents


“These are TasWater standard easement precedents for use with a Schedule of Easements and transfer.  They provide for the rights that are to attach to any easement TasWater is granted.

They do not define the relevant parcel of land or the part of that land that the easement is granted over.

The inclusion of these things are the responsibility of the relevant Legal Practitioner preparing the documentation.

The Schedule of Easements precedent includes a place for the relevant lot and easement land to be directly inserted.  The precedent to be used with a transfer will require the inclusion of the relevant land and easement land in the transfer by reference to the Certificate of Title and plan that is used for the purposes of the creation easement.”


Pipeline Easement Precedent

Pipeline and Services Easement Precedent (for use with Schedule of Easements)