2016 Separate Representative’s Conference

Half Day – Hobart 30th September 2016 at the Law Society of Tasmania

Against the backdrop of:-
(a) The July 2016 amendments to the Children, Young Persons, and Their Families Act; and
(b) A more refined approach by the Department of Health and Human Services (Child Protection) to families at risk.

The Legal Aid Commission is running a half day refresher conference to explore how a Separate Representative practice  maybe affected by these changes.

The Hobart speakers include a representative of the DPP, the Department  as well as senior Separate Representatives.

It will not simply be a “chalk and talk”!

The LACT encourages both existing separate representatives and junior practitioners who are considering applying to be on the Separate Representatives Panel to attend.

If you wish to register please contact Patrick Fitzgerald or no  later than 28th September 2016