Being Well in the Law – A Guide For Lawyers

The Law Society of NSW has launched the Being Well in the Law Guide

Being Well in the Law is a toolkit for lawyers. It draws on expert and multidisciplinary knowledge about the breadth of mental health problems and offers ideas to help everybody, young and old, deal with depression, anxiety and stress and learn to better manage the business and pressures of work and life. We all share a responsibility to continue the conversation about mental health. In the legal profession this is especially important as lawyers have a heightened pre disposition to depression and mental illness.

This small but important book, with its varied suggestions and personal stories from people who have been touched by mental illness, is a solid first step towards a happier and healthier world.

Three ways to access the guide:

  • Pick up a free copy from the Law Society Library, Level 1, 170 Phillip Street, between 9am and 5pm
  • Order a free copy online (postage not included)
  • View the guide online