Men Engaging New Strategies Program

 RA (Tas) is running a new state wide program for low to moderate perpetrators of family violence

Relationships Australia Tasmania has been funded to provide a program for low to moderate perpetrators of family violence through the Department of Justice as part of the Safe Homes, Safe Families: Tasmania’s Family Violence Action Plan 2015-2020.  The program is called Men Engaging in New Strategies (MENS).  It is available for low to moderate perpetrators who accept responsibility for their behaviour.  The behaviour may fall within the broader definition of family violence as described in the Family Violence Act.

Briefly, the program is a Cognitive Behaviour Therapy approach to making perpetrators of family violence accountable for their behaviour and attitudes, and providing them with new ways of behaving and interacting. It will involve input from the victims of the family violence throughout the process. The safety of women and children remains central to the program.  The program is available for low to moderate perpetrators (first offenders essentially), and comprises a mixture of individual counselling and group co-facilitated sessions by practitioners. Numbers of perpetrators we are able to assist at any one time is limited (10-12 in a closed group setting). The MENS Program requires a significant commitment from participants of up to 24 weeks of intensive work.

We anticipate that perpetrators will either refer themselves or be referred to the program by Government agencies, community organisations, lawyers and/or by the courts. On referral they will be assessed for both eligibility and suitability for our program.

Potential participants need to call Relationships Australia, Tasmania on: 1300 364 277 and request that they be contacted by a counsellor concerning the Men Engaging New Strategies (MENS) program.