Law Society of Tasmania Senior Practitioners List 2017-2019

Senior Practitioner List members are senior practitioners who are available to provide to members of the profession, on a voluntary basis, confidential consultations and guidance on professional, ethical and practice matters.

Some of the areas where the senior practitioner may be able to assist include:

  • guidance on a professional, practice management or ethical problem;
  • career advice on options such as employment, partnership offers etc;
  • whether to report a particular situation to the LST or the Legal Profession Board of Tasmania;
  • how to respond to contact from the LPBT;
  • whether a PII notification should be made;
  • acting as an intermediary between the LST or the LPBT and a practitioner wishing to remain anonymous.

Practitioners who have determined that they should obtain guidance (or who are unsure) are encouraged to contact a SPL member as soon as possible. Early contact will often considerably alleviate the practitioner’s stress caused by not knowing how to approach or resolve the problem. It may also enable the SPL member to provide a wider range of options to resolve the problem.

The members of the Senior Practitioners List for 2017 – 2019 are (by alphabetical order of surname):

Melanie Bartlett | Robert Blissenden | Alison Clues | Jacinta French | Robert Hudson | Paul Kuzis | Phillip Lebski | Greg Melick SC | Audrey Mills | Frank Moore | Leanne Topfer | Peter Worrall |

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