ATO seeking profession’s feedback

The ATO are running two online consultations with the legal profession and we invite members to contribute and provide feedback.

Firstly, we seek to understand the impacts for the profession and their clients in relation to our use of garnishee and freezing orders.

Your members can join the discussion here.

Secondly, we seek your feedback in relation to the draft FAQ for legal practitioners: What to do if your client has a debt with the ATO?. This FAQ outlines the essential questions that legal practitioners might ask when dealing with us regarding their clients’ debt matters.   

Your members can provide their feedback here.

Both of these consultations are being conducted online on our Let’s Talk – Legal Practitioners community. If they have not already done so, your members will first need to register for our online Let’s Talk community to participate in the discussion and the survey.

These consultation topics will be discussed at the upcoming August meeting of the Legal Practitioner Round Table.

The Legal Practitioner Round Table is the key forum where we discuss matters of strategic significance with the legal profession. Further information about the membership and minutes from this forum can be found here.