Memo to the Profession – Administrative Delays at the LTO and SRO

Administrative Delays at the LTO and SRO
Will Justo, President, LST

The Society is aware of delays in processing certain documents at the Land Titles Office as well as delays in stamping documents sent to the State Revenue Office.  With respect to the former, the Society has been made aware of an instance in which LTO staff have advised that certain documents are not being looked at until the LTO is contacted and that only then will they be put on a “priority list”.  With respect to the SRO, the guidelines for documents that must be sent to the Office for stamping state that documents will be returned in 21 days.  Our view is that this is unacceptable but in any event it is not being achieved by the SRO.

I have written to both the Recorder of Titles and the Assistant Commissioner highlighting these concerns.  To our mind it is obvious that they seem to be under resourced whilst at the same time (and especially in the case of the State Revenue Office) taking in more revenue whilst reducing their own staff and “outsourcing” duties and roles to the private profession.  I have also outlined our concern that most Practitioners have been absorbing the costs of that but that ultimately that is not sustainable and it is also not right that our clients should have to pay extra for the privilege of having to pay duty in the first place!

We will keep members informed as to developments.

W Justo

15 November 2017