Review of Federal Court Practice Notes


Update – Review of Federal Court Practice Notes

On 25 October 2016, the Federal Court issued a suite of national practice notes, replacing its 60 previous practice notes and administrative notices.  The Court now has 27 national practice notes.  These include the Central Practice Note (with guiding principles for case management), National Practice Area practice notes (relevant to specific practice areas) and General Practice Notes (applicable across National Practice Areas, or which address important administrative matters).  More information about the Court’s practice notes is available here.

The General Practice Notes were issued on a “12-month review” basis to allow for detailed feedback (excluding the Class Actions Practice Note which, like the Court’s other practice notes, was subject to an earlier consultation process).  That formal review period has now closed.  The Court will review the feedback received, make any appropriate amendments to the practice notes and provide further updates when any changes occur.

Although the formal review period has closed, the Court continues to welcome feedback from the legal profession and other Court users in respect of all of the Court’s national practice notes.  If you would like to provide any feedback about the Court’s practice notes, please send an email to the Deputy National Operations Registrar, David Pringle ( including a short summary of any important issues that you wish to bring to the Court’s attention and your relevant contact details.  The Court will consider all feedback and acknowledge receipt of all feedback provided.