Memo From The President – Strategic Plan 2018-2020

It gives me great pleasure to deliver the Society’s Strategic Plan 2018-2020 a summary table of which can now be found on its website here. As part of that plan, I take this opportunity to outline some of our priorities for this year.  These are as follows but in no particular order:


  1. The development of a training package/course for legal support staff, either for those wishing to enter the workforce or those currently working.  In addition, we would be looking at further CPD events for support staff where relevant.  As an adjunct to that I am hoping that we can establish a register of trained legal support staff that can work as temps.
  2. Retention and attraction of lawyers, especially in the regional areas of the State.  A Council subcommittee has been established to review and will report on this separately.
  3. Making the profession more aware of what we are doing and communicating to the profession more effectively.  For example, by introducing our ‘Society’s Recent Activities’ webpage and considering an increased social media presence.  Leaders forum – I would also like to have a working lunch with principals representing firms to hear what they believe needs to be addressed to improve our experience of practice.
  4. Combating the encroachment of non-practitioners and non-licensed individuals doing legal work.
  5. The President gets to nominate a charity every year.  I will be supporting the Tristan Jepson Foundation and seeking to continue having firms embrace its principles.
  6. Continuing to advocate for and defend the rule of law and arguing against the cutback of government services and facilities.


This year we are resolved to continue to improve our engagement with the profession.  Engagement is a two-way initiative and I will welcome your contact regarding any concerns or issues you would like to discuss.

I wish you and your families a safe and happy holiday season and look forward to seeing you in 2018.

Will Justo