Law Foundation – Application for Grants 2018

The Law Foundation of Tasmania makes grants for law related projects which are in accordance with the Foundation’s objects which include:

To promote or undertake legal research which in the opinion of the Foundation may be of value in the reform of law;

To promote legal education including the education and training of legal practitioners and persons employed by legal practitioners in any subject or field which in the opinion of the Foundation is likely to promote the efficient practice of law;

To promote or undertake community education in law and the legal system, including programs in schools;

To publish or subsidise the publication of materials relating to, resulting from or in connection with carrying out the objects of the Foundation.

Applications are invited from individuals and organisations who wish to apply for a grant in respect of projects which would further these objects.  Applicants should obtain a copy of the application guidelines before submitting their application from either the Law Society’s website or the Secretary of the Law Foundation of Tasmania or telephone (03) 6234 4133