Exemption from Duty for Transfer of Motor Vehicle to Beneficiary of an Estate

Following representations from the Law Society, the SRO have now relaxed their requirements to claim an exemption from the payment of duty on the transfer of registration of motor vehicles to a beneficiary of a deceased estate.   Previously, the SRO required the production of a Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration in order to claim the exemption.   This meant that where assets in an estate were such that a Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration were not required, no exemption could be obtained.

Following the relaxation of the guidelines by the SRO, an application for the exemption of duty can be made by a “personal representative” of a deceased estate.   The vehicle must be transferred to the beneficiary named in  the Will or the person entitled to it as a beneficiary under the Intestacy Act 2010.

The transfer of registration must be accompanied by a Statutory Declaration.  Further details can be found on the on the Transport (Tas) website here.

Guideline (providing links to statutory declaration forms)