Launceston Law Library – Missing Books

The following books are missing from the library. Access to the collection whilst the library is unstaffed should not be taken for granted. We place a considerable amount of trust in the profession to record the borrowing of books, and thus far, it has been fairly successful. We do not wish to apply more serious measures, but if we cannot ensure the safety of the collection we will need to consider a variety of options relating to access and collection development. Please make every effort to check your offices and return the books to the Launceston Law Library as soon as possible.

• Bartlett’s Workers Rehabilitation & Compensation 2009 (missing August 2018)

• Bartlett’s Workers Rehabilitation & Compensation 2015 (missing August 2018)

• Equity & Trusts in Australia 6th ed. By Gino Dal Pont  (missing October 2018)

• Civil Procedure Tasmania (missing August 2016). Loose leaf updates need to be continued to maintain currency of this volume.

Deborah Bowring | Manager – Integrated Law Library Service, Andrew Inglis Clark Law Library, Department of Justice
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