ATO – GST at settlement – update

Roadmap of enhancements for the GST at settlement measure

The review of the current administration of the GST at settlement measure was undertake with industry, this identified what is working well and what could be improved. Thanks for your feedback. We are now releasing a roadmap of enhancements that we have or are intending to deploy.  Enhancements listed in this roadmap are planned to be deployed from October 2019 onwards. When further details on the scheduling of particular enhancements are available we will provide an update.

Please see the attached roadmap paper for further information.

Lodgement of the business activity statement (BAS) by the supplier

It’s important for suppliers to bear in mind that withholding by a purchaser does not remove the suppliers obligation to report the property transaction on their BAS as per usual, reporting the sale at G1 and the actual GST amount at 1A. Our risk model has identified some instances of suppliers not correctly reporting the property transaction. These suppliers are being contacted to educate and assist them amend their BAS.

Inquiries about supplier credits

If a vendor/supplier has a query about their GST property credits they can email their inquiry to  When doing so they should provide the following details:

  • Details of the inquiry
  • Supplier name
  • Supplier ABN
  • Purchaser name/s
  • Credit amount
  • Lodgement reference number (LRN) or payment reference number (PRN)
  • Property details
  • Settlement date
  • Preferable contact name and number

This email address is only to be used for GST property credit inquiries, other inquires need to go through 13 28 66 (fast code 3,4).


GST at settlement – Roadmap for ehancements