Make a Difference in 10 Minutes – Cybersecurity Survey for the Tasmanian Legal Profession

Dear Practitioner

Make a Difference in 10 Minutes

The Law Society of Tasmania is supporting a cybersecurity behaviour survey conducted by Curtin University.

Your  completion of it will contribute to an understanding of the extent to which Australian law firms are at risk of information security breaches in relation to their digital information.

Results will be used to make recommendations as to how the legal profession can better manage or mitigate information security risks in the context of digital information.

Similar surveys will be conducted in other jurisdictions and the results compared and published.

The survey is completely anonymous and data is non-identifiable.

It is designed for anyone working in the legal sector, whether practising or not.

You can take the survey by clicking on this link. Please feel free to disseminate also to support staff.

Pilot testing has shown that the survey takes approximately 10 mins (max 15) to complete.