Lawyer-Assisted Property Mediation Trial

Legal Aid has received Commonwealth funding to conduct a Lawyer-assisted Family Law Property Mediation Trial which will  run from January 2020 to December 2021 and involve up to 50 matters.

The Mediation Trial will focus on families with a property pool of up to $500,000 (excluding superannuation). Legal aid is currently developing Guidelines for the Mediation Trial, including income/means and merits tests.

Lawyers will be funded to support legally aided clients through the property mediation process and provide legal advice. If a mediated agreement is reached, lawyers will help their clients document their agreement and file it with the court.

If agreement cannot be reached through mediation, lawyers may be aided to provide advice to clients about their options and in some circumstances represent the client in a court process.

Legal Aid is offering a free training and information day to lawyers and mediators intending to participate in the Mediation Trial on 6th December 2019. 

RSVP’s are due by 27 November 2019 to Anthea d’Emden at

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