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The Law Society of Tasmania and the Tasmanian Law Library, are very pleased to announce the launch of the Westlaw AU Practitioner Platform.

What content will be available on Westlaw AU?

The following titles are included on our new practitioner platform.

Australian Commercial Precedents series.
Online modules focussing on key areas of commercial law.

A combination of the Australian Digest and Australian Case Citator.  FirstPoint provides access to case references, citation, history, and digest information for Australian cases since 1825.

Laws of Australia
The Laws of Australia is an encyclopaedic reference tool covering all major areas of the law. It provides both an overview of relevant legal principles, and detailed commentary backed up by reference to cases and legislation. It covers over 320 specific topics across 36 broad subject areas.

Tasmanian Reports
This series represents the authorised reports and decisions of the Supreme Court of Tasmania published on behalf of the Council of Law Reporting of Tasmania. It includes important decisions both at first instance and on appeal. Comprehensive headnotes and detailed catchwords accompany the full text of the judgments. It includes PDF versions of each case and includes content from 1992 +

Unreported Judgments
Fast and efficient access to the latest unreported judgments from around Australia, including the High Court, Federal Court, State Supreme Courts and other selected jurisdictions.

How do you register?

Complete the “Law Library Registration Form” on the Tasmanian Law Library website to initiate the process. Access is limited to those members who have paid the library subscription as prescribed by the Law Society of Tasmania. The library will provide you with further information relating to passwords and access following the launch date.

What training will be available?

The Library will be offering a variety of training sessions to practitioners. Face to face sessions will be offered in Hobart initially, but online webinars will be arranged in due course for practitioners in the North and North-West of the State.  A range of guides and online videos will be available from the website to assist. Details on these sessions will be available on the library website by Friday 28 February and in the Law Society update next week.

Contact the library if you have any queries, and watch this space for further exciting news!

Ph:                         6165 7412


Deb Bowring