Converge International Pandemic Action Plan

A letter from our LawCare provider.

Converge is moving to Phase 2 of their Pandemic Action Plan. This means that appointments move away from Face to Face to Phone or teleconferencing via Skype or Zoom from Monday March 16.

Converge’s Pandemic Response Taskforce is currently meeting every day.  Frequency will be reviewed and scaled up or scaled back according to risk and need over time.
We remain confident that with the knowledge and risks known at this point, that we can provide continuity of service in line with our contractual obligations.

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Yesterday, following our Pandemic Taskforce meeting, we made the decision that Converge will move to Phase 2 of our response plan. If you recall, this Phase means that our appointments move away from Face to Face to Phone or teleconferencing via Skype or Zoom. This will occur nationwide across Australia for all Converge Offices beginning on Monday March 16. This includes any previous scheduled appointments. We will contact individual clients directly and advise them of this change.

Why are we doing this and why now?
In the past 48 hours, the World Health Organisation upgraded the coronavirus to pandemic status. In their statement they talked about being “deeply concerned” by the “alarming levels of inaction” around the world.  We see this as our trigger event for Phase 2.

Based on strong evidence and data arising from viral propagation in the Italian population and other global hotspots, we have learned a lot.  We can now start to make some evidence-based assumptions about what is likely to occur in Australia.  Cases in Australia are doubling every week (currently, about 150 cases). In two weeks’ time if nothing major is done we are likely to find ourselves where Italy was two weeks ago (around 600 cases). Epidemics are exponential, they move fast and days and weeks matter. We certainly don’t want to be part of the problem. With the right actions now from government and business leaders we have the opportunity to drastically improve outcomes for Australia. We believe that this action is the most socially responsible thing we can do.

You may be facing similar decisions in your own business. Please be assured that we want to support your employees – particularly in situations where they may be dealing with sickness, isolation and anxiety. Please assure them that we have plenty of capacity to provide EAP services remotely and that this is an excellent time to reach out. We will also be communicating with you about ways to proactively support employee wellbeing, including through welfare check-ins, isolation support, and other support services that we will be sharing with you early next week.

Finally, I acknowledge we are almost certainly in for challenging times ahead. However, I am confident that we will proactively manage emergent risk and presenting issues in partnership with you as the safety of our staff and your employees is paramount in our minds and guiding all decision making.
We do recognise that you may have a number of questions about the specific services Converge provides to your organisation. In the first instance, we would encourage you to speak with your Client Relationship Manager who will be working closely with our operations team to minimise disruption for you and provide clarity on any necessary changes.

We will provide you with a number of additional updates. We are committed to work with you to implement any service delivery changes that may be necessary. I also welcome you providing any feedback, suggestions, or outlining any concerns you may have as we focus our energies on managing whatever may arise in the future.

Thank you for your support. We look forward to continuing to partner closely with you, and to provide whatever support we can for your people as we navigate our way together through an environment that will no doubt continue to evolve.

Kind regards,
Dr Jenny George
Chief Executive Officer