Don’t Miss Out! Contract of Sale Review Surveys Close This Friday 24 July at 5pm

Attention: Property Practitioners Review and Update of the Contract for the Sale of Real Estate in Tasmania (LST | REIT)

It’s that time again and here’s your chance to have your say! 

Complete Survey I:   Conditions of Sale
Complete Survey II:  Particulars of Sale

All property practitioners are encouraged to complete the above two surveys (or those questions of greatest interest to you – none of the questions are compulsory).

For some of the questions you will want the contract handy.  Links are provided below for printing or your second screen:

PDF Conditions of Sale (current)
PDF Particulars of Sale (current)

Your feedback is anonymous.  The Society is not able to identify you unless you choose to provide your name. 

Results will not be published, however they will be used by the Property & Commercial Law Committee to inform its imminent review.