Sentencing Advisory Council – Release of Guide to Sentencing in Tasmania

A Guide to Sentencing in Tasmania provides an accessible source of information for Tasmanians on all aspects of sentencing in the Tasmanian Courts.  It describes who is responsible for sentencing, in which courts sentencing happens (the Supreme Court, the Magistrates Court), the process leading to sentence, the range of sentences that can be imposed and how the courts decide which sentence to impose. It also describes the parole system and how a sentence can be changed on appeal by either the defence or prosecution.

The Guide is intended for use by people involved, or interested in, the criminal justice system such as victims, offenders or providers of advice to those affected by crime. It will be of use to teachers, students, journalists and members of the public who wish to gain a better understanding of a complex and often misunderstood part of the law.

The Guide is free and is available on the Council’s website at .