Meditation sessions open to legal professionals over four weeks at the Law Society

The Law Society of Tasmania is joining with South Hobart Yoga and Meditation Centre to bring members in person, bite-sized low impact (no sweat!) lunch-time meditation sessions. These will help you take charge of yourself, reduce the impact of stress on your body and mind, learn relaxation techniques, and find ways to live in the present.

In these half hour sessions, access a part of you that is often lost in the turbulence of daily life and become mentally clearer, calmer and more balanced.

The Law Society of Tasmania has currently opened 4 half hour sessions that run FROM 16 November 2020. The sessions are $5 each so why not book a few and reap the benefits of some regular meditation time-out.  Register here.

This is a seated (on a chair) meditation, classroom style in the Law Society’s downstairs training room at 28 Murray Street. No change of clothing is required. The sessions are suitable for all ages and fitness levels.

This class is being trialled for 4 weeks in Hobart. Expressions of interest for classes in the North and North West are welcome,