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Model Participation Rules and Model Operating Requirements – Version 6 Guidance Notes

As previously advised, Version 6 of the Model Participation Rules (MPR) and Model Operating Requirements (MOR) are available on the ARNECC website.

Version 6 of the Participation Rules and Operating Requirements for New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Victoria and Western Australia will also be published on the ARNECC website and take effect from 12 April 2021.  The Australian Capital Territory has yet to publish its Participation Rules and Operating Requirements, but these will be made available on the ARNECC website once published on the ACT Legislation Register.

MOR Guidance Notes and MPR Guidance Notes – Version 6

The following Guidance Notes have been updated in line with recent amendments to the MOR and MPR: 

#1 – Client Authorisation

#2 – Verification of Identity

#3 – Certifications

#4 – Right to Deal

#5 – Retention of Evidence

#6 – Compliance Examinations

In addition, three new MPR Guidance Notes have been published:

#7 – Eligibility Criteria

#8 – System Security and Integrity

#9 – Instructing Practitioner Engaging a Subscriber

            MPR Guidance Notes #7 and #8 have been created in response to clarification sought from stakeholders during previous rounds of industry consultation.  MPR Guidance Note #9 replaces Guidance Query #7 Guidance for e-settlement subscribers and their instructing practitioners and provides updated information.  Guidance Query #7 has now been removed from the ARNECC website.

Version 5 of the Guidance Notes will also remain on the ARNECC website until after MOR and MPR Version 6 take effect on 12 April 2021.

If you have any queries or require any further information please do not hesitate to contact Shirlene Allen, ARNECC Support Officer,

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