The Law Society of Tasmania provides professional services, resources, support and benefits to its members and the legal profession in general.

The Law Society of Tasmania has two major functions. The first is as a regulator of the legal profession of the State of Tasmania. The second is to provide services to its members to assist in maintaining high standards of practice in the Tasmanian legal profession.

The services offered to LST Members are designed to assist the provision of timely and effective delivery of legal services. Hence, the LST has focussed on areas such as education, indemnity insurance and risk management. The LST also provides a counselling service to members and a range of other personal and practice related benefits.

The Changing Profession
The last ten years have seen dramatic change in the legal profession in Tasmania. The LST as a constituent body of the Law Council of Australia has been supportive of the development of a truly national legal profession for Australia. The LST, for its part, has supported steps which has resulted in increased competition in the legal profession, advertising and lower fees, whilst encouraging delivery of high quality legal services through the adoption of new work practices.

The LST is a constituent body of the Law Council of Australia


The Society’s Diversity and Equality Charter