Evan Hughes


Evan Hughes has been elected as the President of the Law Society of Tasmania at the meeting of the Society’s Council held on 20 October 2018.

Mr Hughes began his career as a commercial lawyer before then practicing in family and criminal law with the Legal Aid Commission for over 12 years.  He was admitted to the Roll of Practitioners in 1998 after completing studies at the University of Tasmania.  Mr Hughes is currently a Principal and litigator with Rae & Partners Lawyers which is a Launceston and North-West Coast based firm.

Evan practices in both criminal and civil litigation and has an extensive court based practice.  He comes to the presidency after serving as the Society’s Treasurer and Vice-President and whilst he has a litigation background, is keenly interested in ensuring that as President he is properly representative on all of the issues faced by practitioners across the myriad of legal work undertaken by the profession.

Mr Hughes’ priorities are to provide practical assistance to the profession by fixing dysfunction, removing barriers to the effective performance of legal work and making the practice of the law as enjoyable, challenging and remunerative as it should be.  He also intends to protect the profession’s role in the provision of legal services and as the voice of authority on questions of law.

Mr Hughes says that he loves to talk but says that as President his role will be to listen.