Breakout Rooms

A Virtual Mediation, Adjudication and Settlement Conferencing Facility

Confidential virtual spaces

The Zoom videoconferencing platform provided Breakout Rooms. This feature offers you as a mediator, arbitrator or practitioner the flexibility to meet with representatives and hold mediation, ADR, adjudication or settlement conferences in a safe and confidential virtual space as you would in physical premises.

Flexibility to meet anywhere

Zoom is a cloud-based service that enables you and your participants to meet on a computer, tablet or smartphone – anywhere.

Seamless and versatile

With Breakout Rooms you can seamlessly split your Zoom meeting into separate sessions so separate groups of participants can hold confidential discussions or negotiations, and if or when appropriate you can bring them together in a main meeting room. Or, if preferred, not have them meet at all during the process. You can have this set up automatically, or manage it manually. Whilst in Breakout Rooms your participants can request your help, and you can switch between Breakout Rooms and the main meeting room at any time.

Preparing for your virtual session

Request a booking by emailing

Once you have booked, the Society will also schedule with you a short virtual training session on Breakout Room features.

Secure and private access

The Society will set up the Zoom booking and send you a secure meeting link and password to forward to your participants. You will also receive a link to brief instructions for your participants so they know how to set up and what to expect when they ‘arrive’ on the day.

On the day, the Society will open the meeting and, once you’ve logged in, assign you ‘host control’ (and leave) so that you can conduct your session confidentially.

Managing your participants‘ experience

Your participants ‘arrive’ at the mediation, conference etc. by clicking on the secure link and entering the password when prompted. They will enter a virtual Waiting Room. As host, you manage how and when they are admitted into the session.

You can admit all participants into the main meeting room or move them directly into their Breakout Rooms. As host, you control when (if at all) your participants emerge from their Breakout Rooms into the main meeting room.

In the Breakout Rooms, your participants have access to audio, camera, screen share capabilities.

A Chat Box feature is available in the main meeting room and Breakout Rooms. Participants in each Breakout Room sees their own Chat only. Chat from each Breakout Rooms and the main meeting room is not shareable or visible to participants outside those rooms.

Contact the Society on (03) 62 344 133 or to make a meeting room booking or learn more about this Society member facility.