North West Young Lawyers

The North-West Young Lawyers Committee (“NWYLC”) is a committee that promotes the interests of the Tasmanian legal profession on the north-west coast. The NWYLC is comprised of young practitioners from local firms as well as members of the Legal Aid Commission and Prosecution services.

The NWYLC is based in Devonport and meets on a regular basis to discuss matters for practitioners in the north-west. This includes co-ordination with the Law Society and other Young Lawyer committees to host seminars for Continuing Professional Development, as well as organising social events for local practitioners, such as the annual dinner and end of year quiz night.

One of the key goals of the NWYLC is to promote the north-west as an area for practice and the retention of practitioners on the coast. As part of this, the NWYLC supports young lawyers about to enter the profession and encourages them to seek the opportunities for practice that the north-west provides.

Members of the 2019/2020 North-West Young Lawyers Committee

President Callum Purcell Bartletts
Vice-President Jenna Hesp McGrath & Co
Secretary Aysha Williams McGrath & Co
Treasurer Jenna Hesp McGrath & Co
CPD Co-Ordinator Amber Scott Rae & Partners