Northern Young Lawyers

The Northern Young Lawyers Committee (NYLC) is a committee of the Law Society of Tasmania that promotes the interests of early career members of the Tasmanian legal profession in the north of the state. The NYLC is comprised of early career lawyers, classified as persons with less than 5 years practical experience or under the age of 35.

Lawyers from local firms and government departments volunteer to be a part of the NYLC.

The NYLC meets to discuss issues relevant to early career practitioners and soon to be admitted practitioners / graduates. The NYLC liaises with the Law Society of Tasmania to develop initiatives that address these concerns.

The NYLC is involved in organising professional and social events for the local profession, including Continuing Professional Development (CPD) activities.

For more information, or to become involved with the NYLC head to Northern Young Lawyers Committee on Facebook here.

Northern Young Lawyers Committee 2020-2021

  President         Tom McCourt            
  Vice President          Alexander Wells            
  Secretary          Jess Stewart            
  Treasurer          Isabell Patch            
  Social Co-ordinator         Audrey Clarkson            
  Sponsorship         Beri Kurdistan            
  CPD Coordinator         Alexander Pemberton            
  General Committee                      
            Lauren Binns            
            Amelia Goss            
            Matthew Hills            
            Gabriella Keid            
            Lucas Lim            
            Victoria Geason            
            Marion Whittle            
            Timothy Drew