Southern Young Lawyers

The Southern Young Lawyers Committee (SYLC) is a committee of the Law Society of Tasmania that promotes the interests of early career members of the Tasmanian legal profession. The SYLC is comprised of early career lawyers, classified as persons with less than 5 years practical experience or under the age of 35.

Lawyers from local firms and government departments volunteer for the SYLC, as well as representatives from the University of Tasmania’s Law School and the Tasmanian Legal Practice Course.

The SYLC meets once a month to discuss issues relevant to early career practitioners and soon to be admitted practitioners / graduates. The SYLC liaises with the Law Society of Tasmania to develop initiatives that address these concerns.

Of particular interest to the SYLC is the mental wellbeing of graduates and early career practitioners, which has emerged as a critical concern in recent years. The SYLC is committed to acknowledging and addressing this issue and does so by promoting awareness and arranging activities that encourage a positive work/life balance.

In addition to its policy framework, the SYLC is also engaged in organising professional and social events for the wider profession. Such activities include Continuing Professional Development (CPD) activities, the annual Tasmanian Golden Gavel competition, bi-annual long lunches and end of year functions.

For more information, or to become involved with the SYLC head to Southern Young Lawyers Committee on Facebook here or Instagram @sylc.tas

Upcoming CPD Events

Southern Young Lawyers Committee 2020-2021

Co President Scott Ashby Phillips Taglieri
Co President Lewis Ringwaldt Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions
Treasurer Edward Burrows-Cheng Dobson Mitchell & Allport
Secretary Robert Holbrook Simmons Wolfhagen
CPD Officer Zoey Dwyer Butler McIntyre & Butler
Communications and Social Media Michael Flanagan Murdock Clarke
Committee Members Ali Sawyer Womens Legal Service
Cooper Denehy Simmons Wolfhagen
Emily Bill Department of Justice
Georgia Morris Simmons Wolfhagen
Jake Farmer Butler McIntyre & Butler
Jarryd Price Murdoch Clarke
Jenna Madden Wallace Wilkinson & Webster
Michael Flanagan Ogilvie Jennings
Tim Cannon Groom Kennedy
Thomas Slatyer Worrall Moss Martin Lawyers
Alinta Robinson-Herbert Tremayne Fay Rheinberger
Suzanne Harris Dobson Mitchell Allport
Samantha Griffin Murdoch Clarke
Meghan Scolyer Murdoch Clarke
Henry Jones Dobson Mitchell Allport