Law Society supports marriage equality being dealt with by the Parliament

Last year, the Law Society of Tasmania announced its support for marriage equality. It is clear that at the moment the marriage laws in Australia do not treat all Australians equally. This is a fundamental Rule of Law issue. Our laws must treat people equally.  The Society urged the Federal Parliament to deal with the issue without resorting to a plebiscite.

The President of the Law Society, Matthew Verney, has now said: –

  • with the recent announcements by some of the Parliamentary members of the Liberal and National parties that regardless of the result of the plebiscite, they will vote against marriage equality, it is clear that the plebiscite will be a very expensive waste of time. Also, it will be divisive and damaging to the community. Again, I urge the Government to abandon the plan for a plebiscite and bring the matter on for a vote on the floor of the Parliament.
  • the Parliament has voted to change the marriage laws before without the need for a plebiscite, it is right and proper that it does so again.



Matthew Verney
0438 248 708


4 February 2016