Media Release – 28 November 2014

Adrian Hall


Last evening a jury found Launceston lawyer Adrian Hall guilty on 4 counts of stealing. As a consequence today the Law Society of Tasmania has been directed by Legal Profession Board of Tasmania to suspend Mr Hall’s practicing certificate. The Society has complied with that direction.

The President of the Law Society, Matthew Verney, has said

“There is no doubt that these are very serious matters. The Law Society sees them as such, and clearly so too will the community. The public is entitled to expect from our members ethical and legal behaviour. When it comes to charging for the services that we provide, the public need to have confidence that we are transparent, issue invoices, properly receipt money, and deposit funds into our trust accounts when necessary and appropriate to do so.

I would like to assure the public that the overwhelming bulk of the legal profession do the right thing when it comes to handling money that is not ours. The public can have confidence in the profession. The fact that those that have done the wrong thing in recent times have been dealt with, and dealt with decisively, shows this.”



Matthew Verney
0438 248 708
28 November 2014