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Book reviews are to be returned to the Society within 6 weeks of collection. If you would like to review any of the books please contact Caitlin Menzie at the Law Society by email: .  Please provide the review in word format and 350-400 words.  The review is forwarded to the publisher and may also be printed in the Society journal The Law Letter.  Some of the titles in the first list are available in the office, others may need to be ordered and titles on the second list will all need be ordered from LexisNexis.  Those being ordered may take a couple of weeks to arrive.

New Titles are now added to the top of each list.

Interpreting Executive Power Janina Boughey and Lisa Burton Crawford 272 $160 The Federation Press
Ong on Tracing Denis SK Ong 224 $135 The Federation Press
Contractual Penalties in Australia Nicholas A Tiverios 978 $160 The Federation Press
The Constitution and Government of Australia, 1788 to 1919 William Pitt Cobbett 978 $125 The Federation Press
Law of International Business in Australasia 2nd Ed. V Bath & G Moens 576 $120 The Federation Press
Administrative Redress I and Out of the Courts: Essays in Honour of Robin Cryke and John McMillan G Weeks and M Groves 304 $160 The Federation Press
A Charter or Rights for Australia George Williams & Daniel Reynolds 219 $34.99 UNSW Press
Fighting for Enterprise Success David Sharrock 450  $74.95 Tiger Publications
Douglas and Jones’s Administrative Law Douglas, Head, NG & Hyland 864 $155.00 The Federation Press
Encounters with Constitutional Interpretation & Legal Education: Essays in Honour of Michael Coper James Stellios (ed) 240 $135.00 The Federation Press
Blackshield and Williams Australian Constitutional Law and Theory, 7th ed. Williams, Brennan & Lynch 1568 $155.00 The Federation Press

New Titles from LexisNexis

Many of the following are available in hard copy or eBook.  Please advise when requesting if you prefer eBook.


Book Title Publication Date
Traves Commercial Law 5ed 2020
Gooley et al Corporations and Associations Law: Principles and Issues 7th edition 2020
Simpson The Law of Bankruptcy Notices and Creditor’s Petition 2020
Zillmann & Hemming LNQA Civil Procedure 2nd ed 2020
D’Angelo Transacting with Trusts and Trustees 2020
Agardy The Loan Book 2020
Weinstein et al Uniform Evidence in Australia, 3rd edition 2020
Howe et al LNSG Administrative Law, 3rd edition 2020
Dal Pont Law of Agency 4ed 2020
Maguire et al Environmental Planning and Climate Law in Queensland 2020
Stellios The Federal Judicature: Ch III of the Constitution 2e 2020
Carter Quick Reference Card: Contract Law I 3rd edition 2020
Carter Quick Reference Card: Contract Law II 3rd edition 2020
Radavoi & Norris Australian Law in Context: Social, Political and Global Perspectives 2020
Taylor Quick Reference Card: Statutory Interpretation 2nd edition 2020
Cremean et al Brooking on Building Contracts 6th edition 2020
Guihot & Bennett Moses Artificial Intelligence, Robots and the Law 2020
Finlay & Kirchengast Criminal Law in Australia 2nd edition 2020
Marychurch & Sifris (eds) Wellness for Law: Making Wellness Core Business 2020
Bartlett Native Title in Australia 4th edition 2020
Kenny Australian Tax 2020 2020
Coggins et al Understanding Construction Law 2nd edition 2020
Field Queensland Evidence Law 5th edition 2020
Taylor et al Understanding Taxation Law 2020 2020
Taylor Financial Planning in Australia 9th edition 2020
Dal Pont Lawyer Discipline 2020
Bolitho et al Duggan & Lanyon’s Consumer Credit 2nd edition 2020
Boulle & Alexander Mediation: Skills & Techniques 3rd edition 2020
Bender et al Marketing & the Law 6th edition 2020
Field et al Lawyering & Positive Professional Identities 2nd edition 2020
Hargovan LexisNexis Study Guide: Corporations Law 4th edition 2020
Ricketson et al Intellectual Property: Cases, Materials & Commentary 6th edition 2020
Galloway et al The Global Lawyer 2020
Dal Pont Powers of Attorney 3rd edition 2020
Sykes Australian Trade Mark Opposition Law 2nd edition 2019
Millhouse Corporate Governance in Non-Bank Financial Entities 2019
Madden et al Institutional abuse of children: Legal remedies and redress in Australia 2019
Howie et al Hayes & Eburn Criminal Law and Procedure in New South Wales 6th edition 2019
Stephens & Stubbs The Law of Naval Warfare 2019
van Caenegem Intellectual and Industrial Property Law 3rd edition 2019
Irving The Contract of Employment 2nd edition 2019
Hyland & Nehme Quick Reference Card: Corporations Law Directors’ Duties 4th edition 2019
Pearce & Geddes Statutory Interpretation in Australia 9th edition 2019
Hammerschlag Hammerschlag’s Commercial Court Handbook 2019
Stuhmcke LexisNexis Guide: Legal Referencing 5th edition 2019
Hyland & Nehme Quick Reference Card: Corporations Law Remedies that Apply when Directors Breach their Duties 2nd edition 2019
Field Quick Reference Card: Evidence for Common Law States 2nd edition 2019
Mellick & Newlyn LexisNexis Study Guide: Contract Law 2nd edition 2019
Donaghey & Goodwin General Protections Under the Fair Work Act 2019
Bruce Consumer Protection Law in Australia 3rd edition 2019
Ebejer LNQA Legal Practice and Ethics 3rd edition 2019
Field LexisNexis Questions and Answers: Uniform Evidence Law 3rd edition 2019
(NZ) Murray Litigation Skills: A Practical Guide to Appellate Advocacy 2019
Paine LexisNexis Questions and Answers: Torts 5th edition 2019
Symes et al Australian Insolvency Law 4th edition 2019
Bates Environmental Law in Australia 10th edition 2019
Condliffe Conflict Management: A Practical Guide 6th edition 2019
Heathcote LexisNexis Workbook: Public International Law 2019
Krever Mastering Law Studies and Exam Techniques 10th edition 2019
Colbran & Jackson LexisNexis Study Guide: Civil Procedure 2nd edition 2019
Esparraga Ethical Legal Practice and Professional Conduct 2019
Field LexisNexis Questions and Answers: Uniform Evidence Law 3rd edition 2019
Colbran et al Civil Procedure: Commentary & Materials 7th edition 2019
Hall Principles of International Law 6th edition 2019
J W Carter Cases and Materials on Contract Law 7th Edition 2019
Young, Kenny & Monahan Children and the Law in Australia (2nd ed) 2017
Taylor & Juchau Financial Planning in Australia, 8th ed. 2018
Kenny, et al Australian Tax 2018 2018
Bruce Australian Competition Law, 3rd ed. 2018
Tyree, Alan Banking Law in Australia, 9th ed. 2017
Colvin, Eric Criminal Law of Fiji 2017
Gray, Foster, Dorsett & Roberts Property Law in New South Wales, 4th ed. 2017
Creyke, Hamer, O’Mara, Smith & Taylor Laying Down the Law, 10th ed. 2017
Hepburn, S Australian Property Law Cases & Materials, 4th ed. 2017
Stewart, van Caenegam, Bannister, Lawson & Liberman Intellectual Property in Australia, 6th ed. 2017
Radan, Gooley & Vickovich Principles of Australian Contract Law, 4th ed. 2017
Miller, Michael Personal Financial Services Essentials for Lawyers 2017
Crofts, Penny Criminal Law Elements, 6th ed. 2017
Bruce, Alex Animal Law in Australia, 2nd ed. 2017
Radan, Gooley & Vickovich Principles of Australian Contract Law, Cases & Materials, 4th ed. 2017
Martin, Rhett Understanding Sustainability Law 2017
Hanks, Gordon & Hill Constitutional Law in Australia, 4th ed (L) & (H) 2017
Pynt, Greg Australian Insurance Law: A First Reference, 4th ed. 2017
Legg & McInnes Australian Annotated Class Actions Legislation 2017
Barker & Grantham Unjust Enrichment, 2nd ed. 2017
Field Queensland Evidence Law, 4th ed. 2017
Baxt, Black & Hanrahan Securities & Financial Services Law, 9th ed. December 2016
Fernandez, Murray, Gerkens, Yau & Ozyurek Australian Migration Legislation Collection December 2016
Howie & Johnson LNAA Annotated Criminal Legislation NSW December 2016
Gamertrsfelder Governance & Conduct Obligations in Financial Services December 2016
Stoianoff Indigenous Knowledge Forum – Comparative Systems for Recognising and Protecting Indigenous Knowledge & Culture December 2016
Martinov-Bennie, Soh & Frohbus Auditing & Assurance: A Cases Studies Approach, 7th ed. December 2016

Book reviews are to be returned to the Society within 6 weeks. If you would like to review any of the books please contact Caitlin Menzie at the Law Society by email: