Firm Information

Will Your Firm Be Operating Remotely?

If your firm is contemplating remotely providing services, please consider the following:

  • Place a sign in a prominent position providing relevant information to clients and others
  • If no practitioner will be spending substantial time at the firm, make application under rule 4 of the Rules of Practice 1994
  • Consider how the firm will deal with documents that need to be physically served
  • Don’t forget to update your website and email footers
  • Let the Law Society know. We will keep a list of firms on our website.

Social Distancing – Physical Settlements

A reminder that social distancing requires us to stand a least 1.5 metres apart. Concerns have been expressed that at settlements people are standing/sitting closer than that. While that may be understandable given the habits we all develop, for the time being at least we should all be more aware of our actions, and have a plan. For example, that each party comes up to the table, does their thing, then steps back. It may take longer to complete a transaction, but the alternative risks our health and livelihoods.

Please pass on these comments to those who conduct transactional work.

Jacobs Family Law
The staff at Jacobs Family Law will be working from home.  Documents to be served should be served by email on the solicitor who has carriage of the matter. If in doubt, any documents or email should be sent to both: and

FitzGerald and Browne Lawyers

  1. All appointments are conducted by telephone or video-link.
  2. Any signing of documents or settlements will occur in the foyer outside our office.
  3. No longer taking cash payments.
  4. We are maintaining a register of those attending the office to assist with any contract tracing needs.
  5. Visitors to the office are requested to sanitise their hands at our sanitising station and we will also be testing temperatures of staff and visitors.


Hobart Community Legal Service
Are currently in the process of organising for all our legal staff to work from home due to the COVID-19 crisis. They will continue to provide a service but it will be predominately telephone advice unless there is no option for a face to face interview. People can phone the usual number for both the Hobart Office – 6223 2500 and the Bridgewater Office 6234 3744 between 10am & 2pm a message will be taken and then the person’s details emailed to one of their lawyers who will then return calls.  Outside these hours messages can be left on their message bank

McMullen Lawyers
23/3/2019 – The office is open, however they are restricting access to the office for face to face meetings.  They encourage clients to communicate via phone or other electronic means.   

Murdoch Clarke
Have implemented a split shift system for the operation of the office. The staff have been divided into two teams. One will be working in the office from 7am until 2pm each day, the other will commence at 2:30pm and work through until 9:30pm. In addition, our professional staff have the capacity to work remotely from home.

G A Richardson
19/3/2020 – Until further notice, commencing the week starting Monday 23rd March, 2020 the office of G.A.Richardson will open four (4) days a week i.e Monday to Thursday.

Tasmanian Aboriginal Community Legal Service
In light of the deteriorating Covid 19 situation, all staff at the Tasmanian Aboriginal Community Legal Service will operate remotely for the next four weeks. Any documents to be served should be served by email on the solicitor with carriage of the matter. In case of doubt, please email documents or correspondence to

Women’s Legal Service Tasmania Amended Service Delivery considering COVID-19 . Read more here