Cyber Security

The Society reminds practitioners to take extra precautions regarding cyber security. Cyber-criminals often exploit disruption and breaks in routine.

Society – Cyber Security Resources

It has been widely reported that cyber criminals have come up with new scams trying to take advantage of the COVID-19 situation, for example, by sending phishing/malware emails disguised as health updates and the like.

Even though practitioners will have a myriad of things to do at the moment, it is no time to let your guard down with respect to cyber security, so all the usual warnings about checking and double checking before clicking on links etc still apply, with even more force at the moment.

Take extra care before transferring funds. Confirm transfer details by telephone (do not rely on missed calls and messages) and be aware that there are extra risks with remote working.

In addition, with the expansion of remote working over the last few weeks, which no doubt will only continue, it is important to recognise that the device you use remotely (phone, tablet or laptop) might not have the same security as your main office computer. Before you conduct work on such a device you must ensure that it (as well as your office network of course) is secure. It is also important to be aware that wireless networks present their own security issues (ie public networks are generally not secure) so only use secure wireless networks