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April-September 2019 Online – Zoom Healing Phase Presents

Self-Care and Healthy Functioning in A Stressful Work Environment
(An online seminar for lawyers)The Society is delighted to announce that Healing Phase’s Nick Valentine will be visiting the Law Society of Tasmania’s Hobart and Launceston buildings in September 2019 for some F2F self-care work with the legal profession (further workshop / seminar details coming soon).If you would prefer to participate in one of Healing Phase’s webinar options, please see here for further detail.
Monthly Online Workshops Self Care and Healthy Functioning in a Stressful Work Environment
15-17 August Sydney 6th Annual AFCC Australian Chapter Conference
30 August Hobart Family Violence and Cross-Examination of Parties Scheme – Legal Aid Commission and Anglicare Tasmania
12 September Hobart Child Wellbeing Forum
22-27 September Seoul, South Korea IBA Annual Conference Seoul 2019