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Title Speaker/s CPD
Point Guide
Subject/Area of Practice Date of
28.5.2018 Quantification of Damages Alexandra Darcey Partner, HWL Ebsworth 1 PS/SL Personal Injury, Compensation, Litigation 29.3.2018
28.5.2018 In Discussion – The Integrity Commission Richard Bingham CEO, Integrity Commission 1 PS Ethics 13.3.2018
14.5.18 Best Practices for Avoiding Complaints by Clients Claire White, Investigator, Legal Profession Board of Tasmania 1 PM Ethics 3.5.2018
27.3.18 Ethics Panel  Jeffrey Goldberger, Special Counsel, Norton Rose Fulbright, David Vilensky, Managing Director, Bowen Buchbinder Vilensky, Perth, WA  1  E  Ethics  23.3.18
27.3.18 Commercial Collapse – insolvency and liquidation in a commercial tenancy context Chris Groves, Principal, Dobson Mitchell Allport and Barry Hamilton, chartered accountant and insolvency practitioner, Principal, Barry Hamilton & Associates 1 SL, PS Commerical 23.3.18
27.3.18 Termination and Damages – Contract Law Masterclass  Jeffrey Goldberger, Special Counsel, Norton Rose Fulbright 2 SL, PS  Commercial, Property Law 23.3.18
20.12.17 Practice (and Survival) in the Magistrates Court Chief Magistrate Hill (retired) 1 PS Magistrates Court, advocacy 6.7.17
20.12.17 Employment Law Afternoon  – Case Update 2017 amd Accessorial Liability Seminar Ingmar Taylor SC, Greenway Chambers and Craig Green, Senior Associate Dobson Mitchell Allport Lawyers 2 SL, PS Employment Law, workplace relations, industrial relations 12.5.17
20.12.17 Contract Law Masterclass Jeffrey Goldberger, Special Counsel Henry Davis York 3.5 SL, PS Contract Law 30.10.17
21.8.17 Tasmania’s New Legislation Website Ruth Henderson and Mike Gluskie from the Office of Parliamentary Counsel 1 PS  Legal Research 11.8.17
29.3.17 Remedies for Breaches of Lease – Trust in God but Tie Up Your Camel Peter Bower, Barrister 1.5 SL, PS Commerical, Property Law 22.9.16
29.3.17 Elder and Succession Law Double Event – Estate Planning – Second Spouses and Competing Claims J Dixon, Principal, Moores Legal, D Lienert, Chartered Accountant, Dawson Lienert and D Egan, Partner, Murdoch Clarke 2 SL, PS Elder & Succession  20.3.17
29.3.17 Child Support Professional Skills – Binding Child Support Agreements and Recovery of Payments Catherine Devine, Barrister, Victorian Bar 3 2 PS, 1 SL Family Law  4.11.16
29.3.17 Criminal Law Forensics – Assessing Blood Spatter Evidence Charles Connor, Forensic Biologist, Forensic Science Services Tasmania 0.5 PS Criminal Law 4.11.16
29.3.17 Criminal Law Forensics – The Ballistics Expert and Other Experts in Focus Greg Richardson, Principal, GA Richardson, .5 PS Criminal Law 4.11.16
29.3.17 Criminal Law Forsencis – Issues Facing Forensic Biology/DNA Evidence in 2016 Jae Gerhard, Principal Forensic Scientist, Independent Forensic Services (NSW) 1 PS Criminal Law 4.11.16
21.3.17 2016 Litigation Update and Commentary Leigh Sealy SC, Barrister, Malthouse Chambers .5 SL Litigation 19.11.16
21.3.17 Criminal Law Advocacy – What To Do and What Not To Do With Expert Preparation and Presentation Hugh Selby, Barrister SA 1 PS  Criminal Law 4.11.16
21.11.16 Reflective Legal Practice: Lessons to be learnt from Mercer v Allianz Robert Phillips 1 SL  Limitation of Actions, Personal Injury, Workers Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 1988 (Tas) 7.7.16
10.10.16 The Serpent’s Tooth – Adult Children, Estrangement and Family Provision Lindsay Ellison SC  1  SL  Elder and Succession Law, Wills and Estates, Testators Family Maintenance, Family Provision, Moral Duty 16.6.16
10.10.16 Costs – Avoiding Unwelcome Surprises (a Family Provision Claim / TFM seminar) Tim Williams, Barrister  .5  PS SL  Testator’s Family Maintenance, Family Provision, Costs 16.6.16
4.10.16 Avoiding Disputes in Commercial Contract Drafting: A Litigator’s Perspective Ken Stanton, Barrister  .5 PS SL  Contract, drafting contracts to avoid ambiguity and disputes 18.3.16
4.10.16 Advocacy – Etiquette and Survival Skills – Plea Making and Other Basic Skills Magistrate Simon Brown 1  PS  Court Advocacy Basics (including etiquette and plea making) 19.3.16
4.10.16 Spousal Maintenance – Forgotten But Not Lost Martin Bartfeld QC, Barrister, Owen Dixon Chambers East, Victorian Bar 1.5 PS SL Family law, spousal maintenance 12.8.16
27.7.16 Demystifying the Legal Profession Board of Tasmania Frank Ederle,  Chief Executive Officer, Legal Profession Board of Tasmania 1.5 PM Professional conduct, practice management, complaints 8.6.2016
27.7.16 The Causation Question in Pure Economic Loss, Lost Opportunity Claims – NYL Lecture Series Shaun McElwaine SC 1 SL Litigation, pure economic loss, causation, loss of opportunity 14.4.2016
27.7.16 Trust Accounting – Tips from the Files Ross Byrne, Director BDO 1 PM Trust accounting, practice management 10.3.2016
27.7.16 Execution of Judgments Jim Connolly and Penelope Ikedife 1 PS SL Litigation, enforcement of judgments 14.7.2016
27.7.16 Liability Motor Vehicle Cases Speakers: Sandra Taglieri, Barrister, Derwent & Tamar Chambers 1 SL Litigation, motor vehicle accidents, personal injury, compensation 2.6.16
27.7.16 Family Provision Legal Update Richard Williams, Barrister at Law Roma Mitchell Chambers, QLD 1 SL Family law, testator’s family maintenance, family provision, estate law, elder & succession law 17.6.16
17.2.16 Testamentary Capacity – When Things Go Wrong Lindsay Ellsion SC, Barrister, 16 Wardell Chambers NSW 1 PS/SL Elder & Succession Law 19.6.2015
17.2.16 Civil Liability Act 2002 (Tas) in Review Philip Jackson SC Barrister, Malthouse Chambers 1 SL Litigation 21.11.2015
17.2.16 Structuring Commercial Litigation Claims The Hon Chief Justice Alan Blow OAM, Supreme Court of Tasmania 1 PS SL Litigation 21.11.2015
17.2.16 Statutory Demands Annette Kaitinis, Barrister 1 SL/PS Insolvency and Corporations Law  1.10.2014
17.2.16 Expert Reports and Cross-Examination on Expert Reports Dr Ian Freckleton QC, Barrister, Crockett Chambers VIC 1 PS Litigation 21.11.2015
17.2.16 Avenues of Administrative Appeals Sandra Taglieri, Barrister, Derwent & Tamar Chambers 1 SL Administrative Appeals 21.11.2015
17.2.16 Settlement Techniques in Civil Litigation Ken Read SC, Barrister. Malthouse Chambers 1 PS Litigation 21.11.2015
9.11.15 Using the Rule in Saunders v Vautier Richard Williams 1 SL/PS Elder and Succession Law 19.6.15
1.11.15 Professional Negligence, Will Drafting and the Scope of the Retainer: The Current State of the Law John Armfield 1 PS/PM Elder and Succession Law 2.10.15
29.04.15 Granny Flat Forum 1 SL
1 PS
Elder & Succession Law 20.02.15
 29.04.15 Ademption of Gifts by an Attorney -Compensation and Other Solutions Richard Williams, Barrister at Law Roma Mitchell Chambers, QLD 1 SL Elder & Succession Law 13.06.14
 29.04.15 Managing Employess’ Mental Health
Stress and Long Term Injury or Illness
Alison Wells, Associate, Butler,
McIntyre and Butler
1 SL, PM, PS Workplace Relations 15.08.14
29.04.15 Managing Claims: Adverse Action and
Unfair Dismissal
Crystal Garwood, Associate, Doolan & Brothers 1 SL PS Workplace Relations 15.08.14
 29.04.15 The New Anti- Bullying Jurisdiction Nicole Wells, Deputy President of the
Tasmania Industrial Commission
1 Other Workplace Relations 15.08.14
22.04.15 Rockstar Lawyer Package Stuart Teicher, Esq 3 PS, E, PM  Professional skills, ethics, practice management skills 27.03.15
22.04.15 How to Become a Rock Star Lawyer – Part 1: Fluff is for pillows, not legal writing Stuart Teicher, Esq 1 PS  Professional skills 27.03.15
22.04.15 How to Become a Rock Star Lawyer – Part 2: Technethics: the Ethical & Professional Pitfalls of Social Media Stuart Teicher, Esq 1 E  Ethics 27.03.15
22.04.15 How to Become a Rock Star Lawyer – Part 3: It’s not time management…it’s lifetime management Stuart Teicher, Esq 1 PM  Practice management skills 27.03.15
01.04.15 Conducting Effective Financial Investigations Siobhan Hennessy and Jamsheed Khambatta Deloittes 1.5 PS, PM Financial/business/practice management 02.03.15
01.04.15 Understanding Financial Statements Siobhan Hennessy and Jamsheed Khambatta Deloittes 1.5 PS, PM Financial/business/practice management 02.03.15
Identification of Legal Error in Judicial Review Shaun McElwaine 22.11.15