Law Society of Tasmania’s CPD Program


About the Law Society of Tasmania’s CPD Program

The LST’S CPD Program provides practitioners and other members of the legal community with opportunities to:

  • Attend a diverse range of seminars presented by experienced and well regarded Tasmanian, interstate and international members of the legal profession;
  • Refresh, learn and reflect;
  • Engage in interactive skill-building workshops and forums;
  • Listen to legal and other minds external to the profession that have considerable offerings in the areas of professional skills, practice management and personal / workplace wellbeing;
  • Meet senior and other members of the legal profession;
  • Meet and network with members from other professions and the public;
  • Further develop interests and skills in specific areas of law;
  • Contribute to the professional development of others.*

The LST’S CPD Program, designed to cater for all levels of experience, consists of a weekly program of standalone seminars and regular intensive half to full day conferences on particular areas of law.

The weekly seminars constitute a mixture of lunchtime and late afternoon sessions held predominantly on Tuesdays or Fridays at the Law Society of Tasmania, 28 Murray Street, Hobart. Seminars are video broadcast to ‘Hubs’ in other major cities around the State. Standalone and repeat sessions will be held in the north of the state as resources permit. Topic allocations are spread across all major areas of law (including but not limited to civil and criminal litigation, property and commercial law, employment law and elder and succession law) in the four core competency areas of the mandatory CPD scheme: Substantive Law, Ethics, Professional Skills and Practice / Business Management. Also included in the Program are personal and workplace wellbeing seminars as well as speaker training workshop opportunities for those interested in earning their CPD points by participating in the CPD Program itself.

Feedback: Please direct any feedback and suggestions to

*Your seminar attendance may end up making the world of difference to the experience of others. Ask the question that you’ll subsequently discover was on the tip of everyone else’s tongue, make the comment you wish to make – take the leap whether you are a new or seasoned lawyer. It’s your future.

+Become a valued CPD Program contributor… whether it be as a presenter, group facilitator, content/program developer or other……. contact See also Other CPD opportunities provided by the LST.


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Participation in LST CPD events helps support the Law Society of Tasmania and a not-for-profit CPD program which feeds any excess revenue back into the program for its members’ ongoing benefit. Valued program volunteers (speakers, facilitators, committees, content authors) and financial sponsors also assist the LST to provide a quality CPD program at affordable rates for members.

Registration is now easier than ever with the LST’s introduction of online registration. Benefits of online registration with the LST include:

  • Ease of payment and registration;
  • Immediate receipt of confirmation of payment and registration by email;
  • Downloadable invoices;
  • CPD History / Tracking: Registration online results in an automatic entry of your activity on the CPD Tracking page of your online account. To view this page, simply log on and visit your My Account section of the website. On this page you are also able to manually enter attendances / CPD points earned outside of the Law Society CPD Program, enabling you to keep track of all of your CPD activities in the one place.


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Simply log on and visit your My Account section of the website.

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