Law Foundation of Tasmania

Application for Grants 2019

Applications are invited from individuals and organisations who wish to apply for a grant in respect of projects which would further these objects.  Applicants should obtain a copy of the application guidelines before submitting their application from either the Law Society’s website or the Secretary of the Law Foundation of Tasmania or telephone (03) 6234 4133

APPLICATIONS CLOSE: 20 September 2019    

The Law Foundation of Tasmania makes grants for law related projects which are in accordance with the Foundation’s objects which include:

  1. The principal object of the Foundation is to advance the development of, access to and administration of a fair and equitable justice system in Tasmania for the benefit of the general public.
  2. The other objects of the Foundation are:
    1. to fund or otherwise advance, or undertake legal research which is likely to promote the principal object, or the maintenance and just reform of the law in Tasmania;
    2. to fund or otherwise advance education which is likely to promote the principal object including community legal education and legal education in schools in Tasmania;
    3. to fund or otherwise promote the study of law in Universities, the  practical legal training of law graduates, and the education and training of Australian legal practitioners and employees of law practices in Tasmania;
    4. to fund, purchase, establish, maintain and improve law libraries in Tasmania in order to promote the principal object;
    5. to publish or fund the publication of materials related to the law in Tasmania or connected with the objects of the Foundation;
    6. to fund or otherwise advance legal aid or pro-bono legal services in Tasmania;
    7. to establish and maintain a public fund to promote the objects of the Foundation;
    8. to do anything incidental or conducive to carrying out the objects of the Foundation.


The Foundation’s members are:

  • The President, Vice-President and immediate past President of the LST
  • The Chair of the Solicitors Trust
  • Nominees of the Attorney-General and the Tasmanian Bar Inc

Information for applicants

Further information please contact