Media Release 25 October 2013

New President – Anthony Mihal – 25.10.2013

New Law Society President

Ulverstone Lawyer Anthony Mihal was elected president of the Law Society of Tasmania at the meeting of the Society’s Council on Saturday.

Mr Mihal is the director of North West Coast legal practice Walsh Day James Mihal. He was admitted to the roll of practitioners in 2004 and maintains a diverse litigious practice which includes civil litigation in the Magistrates, Supreme Court and various tribunals, criminal law and child protection law.

He is the immediate past chairman of the North West Community Legal Centre, vice president of local Ulverstone charity the Roland View Estate Trust and a past board member of Guide Dogs Tasmania.

Mr Mihal is a former pupil of New Town High School, together with three current judges of the Supreme Court and the Solicitor General.

A priority of Mr Mihal’s presidency will be promotion of access to justice.

“Legal Aid funding in this State is in crisis, as it is elsewhere around the country and vulnerable Tasmanians are being denied proper legal representation which is grossly unfair to those individuals, a threat to confidence in the legal system and ultimately the rule of law. The Law Society will continue to advocate for more funding for Legal Aid and for a review of the entire Legal Aid system to ensure that public funds are being used to the maximum efficiency.”

The Law Society has in the past publically advocated against attacks on judicial discretion especially mandatory sentencing provisions. Mr Mihal intends to continue that and speak publically on other rule of law issues.

Mr Mihal also will make advocacy on behalf of the profession a priority.  “The public should be made aware that it may not be in their interests to make a will with a Trustee Company or use a licensed conveyancer instead of a solicitor. Government and corporations should be reminded that the local legal profession is highly skilled and there is no need to look to large mainland firms for legal services.”

Mr Mihal would be pleased to provide comment on behalf of the Law Society, together with the following additional spokespersons with particular areas of expertise:


Anthony Mihal 6425 2077 – 0400 193 574

Tim Tierney – Property Law 6264 2967

Kim Baumeler – Criminal Law South 6222 9444

Evan Hughes – Criminal Law Nor