Law Society of Tasmania Supports Marriage Equality


The Law Society of Tasmania this week has resolved to advocate for the amendment of the Marriage Act to enable marriage equality in Australia.

The Society’s President, Matthew Verney said:

“Marriage equality is an important Rule of Law matter. It is important that all members of our community are treated equally by the law. At the moment, so far as marriage is concerned, that is not the case.”

Mr Verney has also said:

“I call on the Federal Government to act on this and bring on for debate the current Bill. There is no need for a plebiscite. The Commonwealth Parliament is charged with the Constitutional power to legislate for marriage. It has done so before under the Menzies Government and again under the Howard Government. In neither case did the Government squib the issue by resorting to a plebiscite. The High Court confirmed the Constitutional position as to the Parliament’s powers in the last year or so.”


Matthew Verney
0438 248 708

17 September 2015