Anti-Discrimination Amendment  Bill 2015


When this Bill was before the House of Assembly, it was stated by some Government members that the Law Society of Tasmania supported this Bill. That is not the case. Whilst no criticism is made in respect of those statements, the Society’s position is that there are a number of areas that give the Society concern about the Bill.

The concerns of the Law Society can be summarised as follows:-

  • The argument of bringing Tasmania into line with the other states is not a good enough reason to permit discrimination
  • It is not appropriate for the religious views of a young person (the student) to be the test (as it raises the likelihood of a young person being cross examined or assessed in some way as to their beliefs)
  • It is not appropriate for the student (or his/her family) to carry the burden of responding to an act of discrimination rather than the school having the burden of seeking an exemption (as would currently be the case if the Act is left unamended)
  • Rather than improve religious freedom, the Bill hinders it.



Matthew Verney


0438 248 708


25 May 2015