Law Society of Tasmania Opposes Amendments to Anti-Discrimination Act

The Law Society of Tasmania announces today that it opposes the Government’s proposed changes to the Anti – Discrimination Act (Tas). The Society views the matter as a rule of law issue under which all people deserve the protection of the law.

It is clear that the government’s proposed amendments will expose vulnerable minorities to the risk of harm from which they are currently protected.

Whilst the proposed amendments are prompted by the possible plebiscite about marriage equality, the effect of the amendments are much wider and appear likely to remain in place well after the holding of any plebiscite with there being no stated intention by the government to return the Act to its original form.

The Society’s President, Matthew Verney has said:-

“The amendments are unnecessary. The case involving Ms Delaney and the Catholic Archbishop has been cited as the catalyst for these amendments. Nothing could be further from the truth. In that matter there was no adverse finding against the Archbishop whatsoever. It is not a proper reason to amend the Act.”

The Law Society will advocate strongly against these amendments and urges the government to withdraw the Bill, or failing that, the Legislative Council to vote it down.
Matthew Verney
0438 248 708
15 September 2016