Law Society President Re-Elected

The Council of the Law Society of Tasmania has today re-elected Matthew Verney as its President. This is the first time since 2000 and only the second time that a sitting President has been elected to serve a further term.
Mr Verney has said
“I am really honoured to be elected to be President of the Law Society for another year. I have valued greatly the importance and activity of the role. The last year has been very busy with so many issues arising that the Society has been involved with. I’m glad to be able to continue working on those issues and furthering the arguments for access to Justice and Rule of Law in Tasmania.”
Mr Verney also said
“It is clear that the push to limit the discretion of the Courts, and to abolish the valuable sentencing option of suspended sentences, will continue. The Law Society will continue to voice its concerns about those reforms and any other issues where people’s access to justice is being affected.”

Matthew Verney
0438 248 708


17 October 2015