Law Society of Tasmania assured there are No Lawyer Informants

As a result of revelations that a Victorian legal practitioner acted as a police informant, the Law Society of Tasmania sought assurances from the Attorney-General that similar practices have not been adopted in Tasmania. The Attorney’s response assured the Society that the Tasmanian Government, Tasmania Police and the Director of Public Prosecutions are well aware of their responsibilities, highlighted by the relevant High Court case recently. Further, the Attorney advised she is not aware of any particular circumstance that would give rise to a suspicion that the police have adopted or are adopting practices similar to those referred to by the High Court.

Law Society President Evan Hughes said: ‘The importance of legal professional privilege to the proper functioning of the justice system cannot be overstated. Clients rightly expect they can rely on their lawyer to maintain confidentiality, and it is pleasing to hear that the Tasmanian legal profession continues to maintain the highest standards of professional conduct.’


Evan Hughes
0418 321 146
20 February 2019