Law Society Welcomes New Magistrates

The Law Society welcomes the announcement today of the appointment of two Magistrates for the North West Coast. It applauds the Government’s choice of Ms Tamara Jago SC and Mr Duncan Fairley as the State’s newest Magistrates.

The Society’s President, Mr Matthew Verney said:

“Both Ms Jago and Mr Fairley will be excellent Magistrates. They are local to the North West and know the issues that are peculiar to the Coast. They also both have diverse and valuable life and practice experience which will equip them well as Magistrates”.

Mr Verney also said
“Whilst the Society had hoped for the appointments to be made sooner, it acknowledges that the Government has moved as quickly as it could, taking into account the recent holiday period, to make these appointments.”
Matthew Verney
0438 248 708
25 January 2016