Legal Aid Funding Remains in Crisis

The Federal Budget last night failed to address the critical lack of adequate funding for Legal Aid. In previous Budgets, Legal Aid has been subjected to substantial cuts which have severely disadvantaged many people resulting in them having to represent themselves in Court proceedings. This has resulted in delays and inefficiencies in the Courts and reduced access to justice for those who need representation.

The Society’s President, Matthew Verney said

“The Productivity Commission identified that Legal Aid across the country is under funded by $200 million.  The failure to properly fund legal aid results in diminished access to justice for a large number of Tasmanians.”

Mr Verney further said

“As a result of this crisis in funding, the Society is participating in the national campaign on legal aid funding. We are holding a rally on Monday, 16 May at 1pm at the Parliament House Lawns to highlight the extent of this crisis.”

Please see attached notice of the LEGAL AID MATTERS rally.

 Matthew Verney
0438 248 708

 4 May 2016