National Call to End Commonwealth’s Legal Assistance Funding Neglect

The Law Society of Tasmania today joined the Law Council of Australia and the Law Societies of each state and territory in launching a campaign to draw attention to a national crisis in legal aid funding.

The Law Society of Tasmania President Matthew Verney said:

“It is time for the Federal government to recognize the effect of its legal aid funding cuts over a number of years and for the government to commit to fixing this national problem.”

“Legal aid funding is the responsibility of state and federal governments.  However the Commonwealth share of legal aid funding had reduced from 50% to 35% over the last twenty years.  This has had a far reaching effect on the lives of many ordinary Australians denied access to legal representation. For example, we now have the situation where victims of domestic abuse are forced to deal directly with their abuser in family law proceedings because they cannot access legal aid funding.”

“The Law Society of Tasmania joins the call for the federal government to restore its share of legal assistance funding.”


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Matthew Verney
0438 248 708

1 February 2016