Young Lawyer Committee Guide

YLC Annual Obligations

Incoming Committee Information and AGM

In the incoming committee year, each YLC is to:

  1. Provide the AGM date to the Society by 30 June of the committee’s sitting year.
  2. Hold the AGM in the first week of November in the committee’s sitting year or as close to this time as possible.
  3. Provide the member list of the incoming committee to the Society ( by 1 December in the committee’s sitting year.
  4. Supply a quality professional colour head shot of the president (jpeg 200-400dpi) to the Society ( by 31 January in the committee’s sitting year.

Meeting Minutes

Minutes from each and every YLC meeting must be forwarded to at latest 2 weeks post the scheduled meeting date.

Orientation Meeting

All incoming YLC presidents are to attend a meeting (either in person or via phone/videolink) with Society’s Executive Director, Deputy Executive Director and Professional Development Officer as soon as possible after their appointment. Carmen Bold will be in touch to arrange a mutually suitable time.

The purpose of this meeting is orientation; to discuss policy and procedures, the Young Lawyer CPD Lecture Series, and any other YLC agenda items.

Written Report

YLC presidents are to provide a written report for inclusion in Society’s Annual Report which is produced in October of each year. This report should be submitted no later than the first Friday in September.

The purpose of this YLC report is to advise on activities conducted by the YLCs throughout the year. The Society will be in contact with presidents in August with a reminder of the deadline. Examples of previous reports can be found here. For any other information about this report please contact

Chair Training

YLC presidents are required to attend Chair Training which is held for all Society committee chairs around April or May. Presidents will be contacted directly with further details as soon as the current year session has been arranged.

Law Letter Articles

The Society highly recommends that YLCs provide approximately three articles or YLC activity updates for publication in the Law Society’s triannual Law Letter. Shelley Harwood will send out publication deadlines – or contact Shelley at

Young Lawyer CPD Lecture Series

Young Lawyer CPD Lecture Series Policy

Prior to running your YL CPD Lecture Series it is essential that you refer to and adhere by the information and protocols on the Young Lawyer CPD Lecture Series Policy page.

Historical Agreement for CPD Lecture Series

There is a longstanding agreement between YLCs and the Society in relation to the YL CPD Lecture Series annual schedule.

Annual CPD Events Schedule

This annual schedule was established taking into consideration several factors including the Society’s human resources, technology requirements and capacity. These schedules take considerable time to prepare, and as such the YL CPD Lecture Series dates need to be factored into this. The Society schedules and hosts:

  • over 100 meetings each year for its Committees and Council alone; and
  • approximately 60-80 CPD hours a year.

As such, the YL CPD Lecture Series can be held as follows:

  • SYLC runs CPD events on the first Thursday of every month. 
  • NYLC and NWYLC run CPD events on the third Thursday of every month, on an alternating basis. 


It is important to note that where a YLC does not indicate, at least 6 weeks ahead of the schedule, that they will be utilising the scheduled date, that date will be forfeited and automatically reabsorbed into the Society’s CPD Program.

CPD Event Dates

See the Young Lawyer CPD Lecture Series Policy for available YLC CPD event dates for the current committee year. These dates (including CPD event title and presenter information) must be confirmed to the Society by the respective YLC at least 6 weeks prior to the CPD event.

Young Lawyer Lecture Series Booking Form

YLCs are to use the Young Lawyer CPD Lecture Series Booking Form to confirm the respective CPD activities, and to gather CPD topic and presenter information to forward to the Society.  

  1. Use the writable Young Lawyer CPD Lecture Series Booking Form and rename it to align with the respective CPD topic title and date.
  2. Once the presenter is confirmed and all required information is collated in the form, email it to at least 6 weeks prior to the CPD event date.
  3. Incomplete information may result in the CPD event being delayed to another scheduled date. It is the YLC’s responsibility to provide, in time, the relevant and correct information for listing the event. The Society will not chase the YLCs.

Mandatory CPD areas

CPD events must cover points in each of the respective mandatory CPD areas – Ethics, Professional Skills, Practice Management, and Substantive Law. The mandatory CPD area/s must be stated along with the CPD title/topic area.

CPD Event Fee Structure

Regular fees – The YLC fee structure for its CPD events is the sole discretion of each YLC .  It is a requirement that each YLC notify the Society of its current CPD event registration rates by 31 January of the committee’s sitting year, or after its first committee meeting, whichever comes first.

Registration fee discounts for Law Students – This is to be considered by each YLC and the Society is to be notified of any CPD event fee discounts on offer in any given year.  

CPD Event Registration Fees to the Society

For each registration fee paid for attendance at a YL CPD Lecture Series event, the Society retains a flat fee of $15. This contributes to supporting the overall Society CPD program including administrative, technology, venue and other associated costs.

Terms and conditions of registration

Terms and conditions (which have been adopted by the YLCs) can be found on the Law Society website.

CPD Event Recordings

If the YLC would like a CPD event recorded it must notify the Society in the Young Lawyer CPD Lecture Series Booking Form and include a completed Presenter Consent to Record Form before the CPD event day.

Profit margin share for sold recordings – If a YL CPD Lecture Series event recording is converted to an online product and has been purchased, the respective YLC will receive 25% of that sale price.

TryBooking event listings

The Society’s TryBooking portal is available for YLCs to list events that require RSVP and payment. This is managed by the Society.

To list an event, please send the following information to

  • Event title.
  • A paragraph description of the event – to encourage attendees.
  • Date and time of event.
  • Venue details.
  • Image for marketing plus any sponsorship logos – all must be in JPEG or PNG format at least 400kb (200-400 dpi). Image width for event banner should be landscape and a minimum of 890-pixel width.
  • Capacity – quantity of tickets available.
  • RSVP/close off date.

The Society, by default, collects attendee name, mobile and firm details plus dietary requirements. If there is additional information the YLC needs/wants collected for a particular event, this should be included in the initial information to

Financial Information (TryBooking event) – Enquiries about the financial information for the event are to be to This includes: Event registration fees – bear in mind final figures will take into consideration the booking fee and the % TryBooking fee per attendee; and RSVP numbers and any related information.

YLC Banners

The SYL banner is located at the Society’s office at 28 Murray Street (please ask at reception).

Online Manual for Early Career Lawyers

The Society is developing an Online Manual for Early Career Lawyers. YLCs have previously been consulted and involved to varying degrees in its draft stages. The manual then progressed to a senior practitioner committee for comment and review, and the Society is now working with the editor and graphic designer.

The Society encourages the YLCs’ continued involvement in the production of this manual as it moves through its development stages. If you have any queries please contact


If a YLC has any queries or concerns regarding any of the above or any aspect of the role as a YLC president (or that of the YLC ), please contact the Executive Director or Deputy Executive Director for an informal chat at any time.

Note – This is an ever-evolving working document – the YLCs are encouraged to submit suggestions, revisions and additions to